Nordes Gin
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Nordés Gin is a premium gin distilled from Albariño wine and a selection of Galician wild herbs, such as bay leaf, caralleira, verbena, toxo, eucalyptus, juniper, cardamom, quinine, a little lemon zest, ginger, hibiscus, liquorice and tea.

It is characterised by slow maceration and distillation using traditional methods. Nordés Ginis bottled in a large white bottle, with a label pinpointing Galicia's location on a world map.

The story of Nordés Gin begins with that of a renowned sommelier, winner of the Nariz de Oro Prize in 2004, Galician wine entrepreneur and master distiller. He dreamed of making a Galician gin, with ingredients from the northern Spanish region, which was different from other brands of gin. After trying several formulations, he finally found the perfect formula to capture the essence of Galicia, giving birth to what is now the recipe for Nordés Gin.

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