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Genever – or genievre, a distillate of malted grain infused with juniper and other botanicals – is considered to be the oldest style of gin. The difference comes from the regulations which makes that Genever must be made with at least 50% of mal wine (always made from grains like rye, malted barley and corn), while Gin can be distilled from any raw material – making Genever actually closer to whiskey than regular gin.


Bols ‘Original’ Genever is based on the original 1820 Bols Genever recipe that was used in many cocktails in the 19th century. It has a malty & full bodied taste and is perfect for cocktails with more intense taste characteristics (classic & contemporary). The original and unique flavors of Bols Genever enable bartenders to work with the authentic flavours of the past and to recreate the true classic cocktails as they were meant to taste – The Original Collins, for example – or invent new, well-balanced contemporary cocktails.


Bols Genever won Double Gold and Best of Show during the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America convention 2018 and got rewarded with the Best Dutch Genever Award during the World Best Gin competition 2018.

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