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SAITO JUNMAI DAIGINJO 1.8L is a premium sake produced by Saito Sake Brewery in Japan. This sake is made using only locally grown Yamada Nishiki rice, which is known for its high quality and is polished to 50% of its original size.

The ''1.8L'' refers to the bottle size, which is 1.8 liters. This is a larger bottle suitable for sharing at gatherings or for those who want to enjoy the sake over multiple occasions.

SAITO JUNMAI DAIGINJO has a refined and delicate taste with a smooth and clean finish. It has a light and fruity aroma with a hint of melon and pear. This sake is best served chilled and pairs well with light dishes such as sashimi, seafood, and salads.

SAITO JUNMAI DAIGINJO 1.8L is a great option for those who appreciate high-quality sake with a delicate and elegant taste. The larger bottle size makes it perfect for sharing with others or enjoying over multiple occasions. It is also a great display item for events or as a gift for sake enthusiasts.

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