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Trincadeira originates from northern Portugal. Synonyms are ''Black Alicante'', ''Black Portuguese'' and ''Tinta Amarela'' and is one of the first varieties grown in South Australia. Records show that William Trimmer made the wine in 1862 at the Laffer Triangle vineyard and cellar in the Marion district, just a few kilometers from Patritti winery. Planting. With its abundance of new varieties and their personalities more suited to modern viticulture, cultivation in Trincadeira has never reached the level of today's common varieties. Tringardra performs best in warmer areas with dry growing conditions, making it ideally suited to the Barossa Valley, where it produces wines with bright, complex flavours. Due to the small area of ​​cultivation of this variety in Australia, this is likely to be the only example of a single varietal dry red wine in Australia.
This wine is a medium brick red color with ruby ​​​​red tones and has a lovely floral aroma of rose petals, forest leaves, tobacco, raspberries, marzipan and licorice. On the palate it is fine, soft and silky smooth, with a medium but fine structure. Rich yet subtle, complex leaf and spice flavors support delicious raspberries, bursting with freshness.
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